Elevate your space with Professional Interior Decorating

At dekor butik, we are passionate about creating stunning interiors that reflect your unique style. Our team of experienced interior decorators in Calgary specialize in creating cohesive, fully completed spaces; from carefully selecting furniture and fabrics to choosing the perfect wallpaper, rugs, drapery, and accessories. We understand that it’s these finishing touches that truly bring a sense of warmth and coziness to any space. Create your house into a home with DEKOR BUTIK’s interior decorating & design services in Calgary. Let us show you just how transformative and inspiring a well-decorated home can be..

What is full-service design?

Our clients leave it to us to procure and manage their decorating projects from start to finish. We take care of everything.

How does full-service design work?

Step 1. Meet & Consult
Step 2. Measure, Concept, Research, Design
Step 3. Presentation
Step 4. Project Management
Step 5. Delivery & Styling

Meet & Consult

If you are interested in working with us on your decorating project, please schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss your project.

At the consult you can expect us to provide some preliminary suggestions, carefully review your space(s) together, get to know your needs and wants, and develop a scope of work.

Measure, Concept, Research, Design

This phase takes a bit of time as we put together a comprehensive design for you including interior finish selections (paint, flooring, tile, plumbing etc.), furniture, fabrics, area rugs, window coverings, artwork, and drawing packages.


The day has come for us to show you our completed design and full proposal. This is an exciting time for our clients and our team alike, we review anything that may need to be tweaked and proceed on to project management.

Project Management

The ordering begins, schedules are made and construction initiates. We liaise with trades and suppliers on your behalf to ensure the project runs smoothly throughout.

Delivery & Styling

Construction has wrapped, installation of soft furnishings is scheduled. Everything gets perfectly placed including accessories and finishing touches. The project is complete, we leave you to show off your beautiful new space to all your friends and family.

Interior Decorating FAQ’s

1.  What is interior decorating, and how is it different from interior design?

While we are experienced at both design and decorating here at dekor butik, our specialty is in interior decorating.  Interior decorators take the already functional and well built residential space, and turn the focus to the aesthetics; enhancing the visual appeal and everyday comfortability – giving clients that feeling they are looking for when they walk in to their home; the space you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.  Decorating can involve minor construction including electrical, plumbing, custom millwork, custom painting, etc., but will ultimately focus on selecting complex interior elements to create cohesive, fully completed living spaces – by layer, texture, form and contrast.  Our skills lie in everything from selecting the correct style and scale of furniture, to complex floor plans, colour & material stories, and contemplation of all interior elements such as wallpaper, window coverings, area rugs and accessories.  In contrast, interior design tends to focus on building and construction, projects requiring major structural changes, and material selection.

2.  Why should I hire an interior decorator?

Hiring an interior decorator brings professional expertise and a trained eye to transform your space, we specialize in home decor.  We take the stress of decision making and project management away from our clients and allow them to enjoy the process.  You put your trust in us knowing that we will exhaust all options to get to your desired outcome.

3.  What is the typical process of working with an interior decorator?

We have outlined our process on this page above, and we would love to discuss this in further detail with you during our initial design consultation. 

4.  How much do interior decorating services cost?

Costs vary based on the scope of the project.  We charge by the hour at dekor butik; you can expect to spend a minimum of $3000-5000 for our professional services fees; large project scopes can be exponentially more than this. Materials, furniture, accessories, trades, etc., are additional costs.

5.  What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

At dekor butik, we have been working in the interior design and decorating profession for almost 2 decades.  We have worked on everything from new build construction, to large scale and minor renovations.  We’ve worked with high end luxury decorating budgets, and on single room decorating projects.  We’ve sold high end luxury drapery and simple shades and blinds.  We’ve done it all. 

6.  Can I use my existing furniture and decor items in the redesign?

The answer is maybe.  When you hire a professional to give you a cohesive design plan, we will select all the elements we think are best for the design.  Sometimes existing pieces work – which is great as we love to reuse and waste less -but sometimes other items will give you the better outcome.

7.  How long does an interior decorating project typically take?

The timeline will vary greatly based on the project’s complexity and scope. A small room redesign might take a few months, while a larger project involving multiple rooms could take up to a year or more.  We can provide a realistic timeline during the initial consultation.

8.  Can an interior decorator help with sustainable or eco-friendly design or other specific requests?

Yes! Part of being an interior decorator is knowing where to source many different design elements. We try to be well-versed in specialty considerations and will do additional research if required. If environmental considerations are important to you, please let us know during the initial design consultation so we can integrate sustainable elements into the design.

9.  Do I need to be present during the entire decorating process?

While your presence is not required throughout the entire process, it’s crucial to be available for key decisions and approvals. Effective communication ensures that the final design aligns with your expectations, and that the project can continue to progress smoothly to meet deadlines.

10.  How can I maintain the new look after the decorating project is complete?

We can provide guidance on maintenance and care for the newly designed space. Regular cleaning, proper furniture care, and periodic updates can help preserve the aesthetic appeal of your interior.  


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