Window coverings often take a back seat in people’s minds when building, renovating or purchasing a new home. They might be considered a mere functional element, serving the purpose of privacy and light control. However, window coverings are far from a commodity product.

In our 15+ years in the window covering business, we’ve encountered numerous clients who, unfortunately, make their window covering decisions solely based on trying to find the cheapest price. It’s a common scenario where potential clients request a quote without delving into a meaningful conversation or, better yet, a comprehensive consultation to discuss their functional and aesthetic preferences.

This trend is a noticeable red flag for us, as our business ethos centres around providing high-value advice tailored to each client’s unique needs. While budget is undeniably a factor in the decision-making process, we firmly believe that it should not be the sole driving force behind choosing the right window coverings.


Here, we’ll explore why integral and distinctive consideration is required when choosing window coverings.


Who you purchase from matters: The importance of who you purchase from cannot be overstated. Choosing a reputable and experienced provider ensures not only a wide array of quality options but also a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Companies selling window coverings are a dime a dozen, and window covering products are very complicated to a consumer with no knowledge of the industry or the options.  This plethora of people telling consumers different things can be overwhelming; there are many unreliable companies out there quoting the cheapest product in hopes of ‘making the sale’.  This usually results in no warranty or after sale service.  It can also mean that these companies do not have the required business licensing and insurance.  There are quite a number of businesses operating without the Alberta Prepaid Contractors License, for example.

We pride ourselves on being a luxury consultation thru after care service; we have clients who call us many years after their window coverings are installed and we are always here to help.  Choosing a partnership with a trusted supplier who values your satisfaction as much as you do is the most important consideration when purchasing window coverings.  We are licensed and boned with the Alberta Provincial Government and hold $2M in liability insurance.

Lift Systems: How you will operate your window coverings is an important consideration.  Can you reach the window to operate the covering?  How many times a day will you be controlling each shade?  Is there furniture or other obstacles impeding operation?  Are there going to be children or pets in close proximity to the window?  These questions should be reviewed for each space, and carefully selecting the correct lift system from cordless to motorized will impact your everyday living.

Aesthetic Appeal: Can the ‘sales guy’ who pulls up to your house and sells you something out of the back of the van give you the best design advise?  I don’t know about you – but if aesthetic is a priority, I’m guessing not.  Window coverings contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. Whether an elegant flowing drape, or a modern sleek shade, the right window treatment can enhance the visual appeal of your room. The variety of styles, materials, and colors available allows homeowners to express their individuality and create their unique atmosphere.  We have the ability to hone our interior design experience and offer expert advice to our clients in this area.

Light Control and Privacy: While the primary function of window coverings is to control light and provide privacy, the way they achieve this can greatly impact the ambiance of a room. The ability to diffuse, block, or filter natural light allows homeowners to create different moods throughout the day. From sheer curtains that let in a soft glow to blackout blinds that ensure complete darkness, window coverings play a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere of a space.

Energy Efficiency: Window coverings contribute to the energy efficiency of a home.  Well-designed and well-selected coverings help regulate temperature by providing insulation against heat or cold, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This not only enhances comfort but also has a positive impact on energy bills and the environment, making window treatments a practical and cost-effective investment.

Customization and Personalization: Quality window coverings offer a high level of customization, mainly sizes and styles not provided by commodity products. Homeowners should be able to choose from a wide range of materials, patterns, and sizes to suit specific preferences and the unique requirements of their home. This allows for a personalized touch that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.

Quality, Durability & Manufacturer Warranties: Window coverings are a part of our everyday life but quality, durability and ease of use are often overlooked.  This investment into the everyday and long-term comfort and aesthetic of your home, should be carefully considered.  High-quality window treatments, from manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas, are made to last; durable materials, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional warranties ensure coverings withstand the test of time, providing functionality and style for years to come.

In Conclusion: Do it right the first time

If the ideal window coverings for your space exceed your initial budget, consider a phased approach to installation. By doing so, you will avoid financial constraints and also ensure that each phase contributes to achieving the (pre-planned) best possible outcome. This strategic approach minimizes the likelihood of regret and avoids the all-too-common scenario of replacing inferior product and doubling spending.

Window coverings are not just a practical necessity; they are a means of expressing personal style, enhancing the ambiance of a space, and contributing to the overall comfort and efficiency of a home. The wide range of options available, from custom drapery treatments to modern blinds, allows a homeowner to transform their living space into a unique and inviting sanctuary.  The next time you need to consider window coverings, think beyond their utility – think of them as an opportunity to elevate your everyday life – and allow us to help you do it.


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